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Welcome to is your online source for printable 10%, 15%, 20%, and 50% off Lowe's © coupons and 10% off Home Depot Coupons.

Instant Savings No shipping required!!!
Coupons are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The coupon is emailed to you immediately after payment is received*. Print it out and head to the store. Check our feedback and/or customer receipts, these coupons really work. We are a trusted source and have sold over 96341 coupons since we opened in September 2011. We also offer a 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason the coupon does not work or you are not happy with your purchase we will refund the purchase price, no questions asked. The coupons are 100% original and unused. Each coupon contains a unique bar code that can only be used once.

As of 10/01/2019, ALL Lowes Coupons are only valid In Store.

We currently offer 6 different types of Lowes coupons and 1 type of Home Depot Coupon.

Click here to compare coupons and choose the coupon that will save you the most.

Click here to compare coupons and choose the coupon that will save you the most.

Customer Feedback

  • Thanks that was a quick $52.00 this site!
  • Thank you so much ! I saved almost $500 on my purchase. I was skeptical about the coupon working but it worked without any problems and saved me a lot of money!
  • Love the coupons. Works great all the time.
  • This 10% has worked great for us. We are retiring and restoring a smaller house to downsize. That $505.36 discount was on the walk-in whirlpool tub and shower only. I keep a coupon with my husband at all times as he runs to Lowes quite often during this process.
  • It worked! I saved $290 dollars on my appliance purchase at Lowes!
  • Thank you so much for the coupons. I needed one or maybe 2 but I'm happy having the opportunity to buy more because I like to help out people(when I see old people or family with kids near by cash register I sneak over and put a coupon in their hand) ... I like to put a smile on peoples faces.
  • Just used your coupon to purchase a GE dishwasher that was on sale and saved 34 bucks.
  • We have just remodeled the house and spent over $70,000 at Lowes and we use your coupons on every purchase and saved over $7000.
  • Saved a cool (almost) $40 on a lawnmower. The coupon worked, which I knew it would because I "tested" as per your directions before heading down to the store!
  • Just made a purchase of $1499. Great coupon. Will definetely buy more.
  • I have save over $100 dollars on these coupons. Will never shop without one, ever again.
  • I was worried this was a scam but took my chances & was very pleased. Ended up saving $30-40. Will definitely use your service again.
  • The coupons worked just like they were supposed to and thanks for your quick service.
  • Thanks for the $4 coupon that saved me over $200!!! YOU ROCK
  • What a great way to save 10%. I bought a washer/dryer/dishwasher during black friday sales. Coupon worked and save over $200.
  • I’m very glad I found your site on the web while looking for ways to save Mulahhhh on my project!! Got all my windows replaced in my home for $241.16 less!!
  • Got sent to junk mail. Found it and saved $379. You rock!
  • I saved more than $400.00 using the two coupons purchased. WHAT A DEAL! Keep up the good work.
  • Thanks SO much for offering these coupons! I was sure this was a scam and I'd be out the $5.50 I spent on two coupons but figured if by chance it DID actually work it would be totally worth it because I planned to spend over $2,000 at Lowes last night. Definitely worth the $5.50! And I still have one more coupon to use. Thanks again!
  • I used one of the coupons today, saved $208.00.
  • Already used in store on the purchase of a fridge! Saved $179.
  • Coupon saved me 10% which was $55! I printed it last night and used it this morning! I am VERY PLEASED!
  • The coupon worked great. I saved over $800 for new kitchen cabinets.
  • Thanks bud. Spent$4 Saved $36. Nice return on my 2 minute investment

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Customer Receipts

See more receipts on our Show Us Your Savings page.

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Thu 10-17-2019- 65 coupons
Wed 10-16-2019- 35 coupons
Tue 10-15-2019- 37 coupons
Mon 10-14-2019- 40 coupons
Sun 10-13-2019- 32 coupons

Average coupons sold per day : 33.43
Total coupons sold: 234

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*Our process is 100% automated. The moment your payment is received an email containing the coupon is sent to your PayPal email address. Buy 24/7 and have your coupon in seconds. If your coupon has not arrived and it has been more than a few minutes, visit lost coupons to resend the email.

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